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Alex Pilborough
Working in commercial gyms has enabled us to understand the distractions that can easily disrupt new members from maintaining a long term fitness program.  Commercial gyms can be off-putting for several reasons.  Not only can they be crowded, but using the equipment you need, when you want it, is not always possible, usually resulting in a less effective program.

 It?s easy enough to join a fitness club, but actually stepping inside it can be a different matter! There are those who feel that stepping foot in the gym is an achievement in itself! This is usually because it?s intimidating, crowded and a long way from the sofa!  

Alex specialises in fine-tuning individual physiques. He strongly believes in the mantra that "knowledge is power", and training himself for over 9 years has enabled him to experience and experiment with a wide range of diets and training programs. Whether you?re an experienced gym-goer, or a complete novice, Alex will share with and pass onto you the knowledge and techniques he has spent years acquiring and perfecting.

Level 3 - in advanced instructing, personal training, nutrition and weight management.

If your goals are...

Increasing strength

Stripping away stubborn fat

Pile on lean muscle

Muscle tone and flexibility

Huge bulk gains

Posture correction

Core strength

Solid abs

Nutrition Advice (find out the truth for once...no diets)

Motivation and support through plateau?s

When a client shares their goals with me, I will work with them every step of the way, educating, motivating and driving them to success?

Alex Pilborough

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